Rose gold

Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy, since it has a very stylish, beautiful roses red color, which is widely used in replica Van cleef & Arpels jewelry design and processing. Also known as pink gold, red gold. Because of this metal has been popular in the early 19th century in Russia, which is also called the Russian capital, but this term is now rarely used.

Rose gold composition: gold, copper, silver or zinc Because the proportion of moderate its synthesis, malleable strong, hard and high, color changing characteristics, while incorporating 25% of other metals, hardness, not deformed or scratch, using precision delicate gold. design, can enjoy play beautifully complex design ideas.

Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra pink gold clover

Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra pink gold clover

Rose gold, a single from her romantic name, can cause countless wonderful association. After sparkling gold jewelry and classic elegance of platinum jewelry, charming pastel rose gold jewelry gradually become fashionable people “darling” with her unique style and culture, but also the interpretation of a new precious metal jewelry in the world.

Typically, gold rose by 75% of the gold and other alloy composition (commonly known as the tri-color gold). High hardness than the pure gold, compared with the traditional gold and platinum, rose gold pink colored gemstone colors not only make more dense, but also reflects the metal’s exquisite, delicate Its pink, roses and other warm colors to bring warm and pleasant;. the style is wonderful, heart-shaped, marquise, oval, pear, emerald shape Various styles of replica Cartier jewelry, described as. bright shining, whether it is the women wear or evening dress and sundresses, with matching are showing elegance.

Cartier Juste UN Clou Bangles Pink Rose Gold

Cartier Juste UN Clou Bangles Pink Rose Gold

Legend pink rose gold first appeared in late Victorian, when this metal jewelry designer precious stone and warm colors to relief, or make brooches and other jewelry, and now it is popular in the field of fashion jewelry ecological theme and design and production process on, . and innovation Pink rose gold, not only a symbol of love, but also contains a warm timeless affair – with a pure heart to build, is definitely the best gift to give the other half.

Rose gold jewelry because of its color and gorgeous and elegant, popular in the current international trend of fashion jewelry industry Rose gold jewelry on the market currently, there are two Jewelry matrix formulation using rose gold alloy processing, rosy belong to their character..; jewelry matrix other K gold alloy, surface plating rose gold.

Rose gold replica Herems jewelry聽matrix, complex process, and therefore the cost is relatively high, more common in high-end jewelry brand. Rose gold plating process is popular in the late 1990s plating process. Currently, rose gold plating process is stable, easy to operate , excellent covering power and throwing power of the solution, and low cost. Access to popular rose gold, bright color, evenly, with excellent decorative effect. Thus the jewelry industry has been widely used.

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