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Beautiful heritage of van cleef Alhambra

Since 1968, female customers have been deeply obsessed charming appearance in the fake van cleef & arpels Alhambra jewelry design. Alhambra series is sweet and happy classic jewelry works created from a special meaning four-leaf pattern inspired. Four-leaf petals contain profound meaning, representing love, wealth, luck and health. Alhambra Series…

Identify Crystal

Crystal is used in the van cleef & arpels jewelry replica inlaid materials, it has been highly popular. There is a saying: The Millennium jade, diamond years, millions of years crystal underground reservoir. Crystal to the Qing Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty, to the quiet beauty, full of magic, ancient…

Different ways in different jewelry static shot

His van cleef & arpels jewelry wholesale is characterized by highly reflective, they can be most of or all of the illuminating light is reflected back. Gold and silver jewelry are sold for its color. To achieve the golden effect, shoot gold and silver jewelry mostly using the direct light….