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Summer jewelry charm
Summer jewelry charm

Spring has come, not far from the summer. Now is the best time to start looking for summer ready jewelry; also a lot of jewelry business began to vigorously promote the best time summer jewelry wholesale. Because the jewelry in the summer is the best embodies the charm of jewelry….

Woman’s jewelry box

In our blog mentioned many times “Jewelry is a woman’s second life.” Today, we once again find that every woman has a jewelry box. In this jewelry box has most often they wear jewelry, but also a long collection of classic jewelry. Everyone likes jewelry style is not the same;…

The most fashionable street shooting jewelry

The best time to show the charm of fashion trends, there are two, one is the trend of fashion week, it is a street shooting. These two time points are the fashion. In the new year, there are many street shooting jewelry release, but it was also launched an investigation….

Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry logo interpretation

Looking at the world’s top ten jewelry brand, which has its own logo. A brand logo is good or bad, beautiful and ugly, simple and complex, it is very important. A simple, beautiful and good logo, to allow consumers to instantly remember; thus affecting consumer desire to buy. As one…

Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry spread

A jewelry brand wants to be a huge success by a number of factors; wherein brand communication is the most important one. Global 500 companies have their own ways and means of brand communication, including replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry groups also have their own unique brand of communication….

Amazing Halloween van cleef arpels Jewelry

Halloween is around the corner! On October 31, westerners celebrate Halloween鈥攖he festival for ghosts in different ways. Creepy Halloween costumes, scary house decorations, delicious sugars鈥f course, one thing is missing鈥擧alloween van cleef & arpels jewelry. A piece of unique Halloween van cleef & arpels jewelry will make your special and…

Clover, the Most Beautiful Stone

Clover is the birth stone for October. Do you have any ideas about Clover? Long ago, ancient Romans have already begun to use Clover bracelet. As the scholar Pliny said, the red of ruby, the green of emerald, the yellow of topaz, the blue of sapphire, and the purple of…

Key Words of Summer van cleef & arpels Jewelry

In the hot and sexy summer, it is vital to choose the right replica van cleef & arpels jewelry. A proper choice can improve your overall appearance and may also bring you luck in love. If you don鈥檛 have a clue, there are some key words for summer van cleef…